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Wed Dec 1 22:51:52 EST 2010

The December issue of EmedHome's EM Cast is now posted at http://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast.cfm 

This month there are two major high-risk topics that we address: 
1. A summary (and a bit of critique) of the summary statement, Part 1, of the new 2010 AHA Guidelines. 
2. Dr. Mike Winters discusses Part 9 of the new 2010 AHA Guidelines, which focus on post-cardiac arrest care. This is one of the hottest topics in resuscitation over the past few years. 
3. Dr. Ken Butler reviews an assortment of recent articles focusing on pulmonary embolism, with a particular focus on the management of massive PE. He also discusses some MAJOR flaws that the literature has identified in terms of how we evaluate and workup patients with suspected PE. 

EM Cast...if you don't get it, you just don't get it! 
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