[Education] Important - Mailing List Update

Kevin Hamilton khamilton at umem.org
Thu Aug 25 09:47:51 EDT 2011

Hello Mailing List Members,

My name is Kevin Hamilton and I work in the Informatics Group in the
Department of Emergency Medicine. The mailing lists will be undergoing
a change today.  We will be migrating the current mailing lists from
education at umemlists.org to education at lists.umem.org.

This means that you will have to update your address books to the new
list suffix (@lists.umem.org).  If you are currently whitelisting the
education at umemlists.org list, you will have to update that as well.
All of your subscriptions will be retained (you will not have to
re-subscribe to any of your mailing lists).

Please be sure to send messages to the correct new mailing list.

Your former mailing list was education at umemlists.org
The new mailing list is education at lists.umem.org

If you currently send your list e-mails to education at umem.org, you may
continue sending to that address. If this is the case, you may
disregard this message.

To ensure a smooth transition, please try to refrain from sending
e-mails to this list from 10am – 11am today, August 25, 2011.

Thank you for cooperating with this update,
Kevin Hamilton

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