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Sun Jan 2 11:52:25 EST 2011

Happy New Year everyone! 

The January EMCast is posted now at http://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_detail.cfm 

We're kicking the year off with some high-risk topics and updates: 
1. Dr. Mike Abraham reviews the bradydysrhythmias and tachydysrthythmias sections of the new AHA/International resuscitation guidelines . Find out about the updates...don't practice based on standards from the last decade! 
2. Dr. George Willis reviews a recent Clinician Update from Circulation regarding acute aortic dissection . Think you already know everything about AD? Maybe not.... 
3. Dr. Joe Martinez walks us through a recent case of a SICK patient with a lower GI bleed . Should you consult GI or surgery? Do you really need an NG tube? Should you get a CT, angiography, tagged red blood cell scan....which one is best? Joe answers all your questions! 
4. Dr. Danya Khoujah reviews three chapters from the Errors textbook pertaining to pulmonary embolism . Did you really think that just ordering CT scans on everyone with a chest was going to solve your problems? Better think again! 

EM Cast...if you don't get it, you just don't get it! 

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