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Fri Jul 1 09:20:23 EDT 2011

The July EM Cast is now posted for subscribers at http://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_detail.cfm 
Topics for this month: 

1. Case discussion regarding a SICK hyperglycemic patient with Drs. George Willis, Michael Bond, and Bryan Hayes. 
What's the most rapid killer in these patients? When and how do you use sodium bicarbonate drips? 
2. Dr. Ellen Lemkin updates us on the n ew drug dabigatran . 
Is this truly going to be the replacement for warfarin? What do you do if someone bleeds while on this drug? 
3. Dr. Sam Wood discusses a recent AHA Scientific Statement regarding treatment of massive and submassive PE. 
When do you use thrombolytics? Which lytic? What dose? With or without heparin? 

These and many other questions will be answered. 

EM Cast....listen, learn, save a life! 
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