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The March 2011 issue of EmedHome is posted at http://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_detail.cfm 

Topics for this month: 

1. Cardiac arrest in pregnancy. Amiodarone? Defibrillation? Perimorten C-section? Dr. Sommerkamp discusses the what, why, and when of the various treatment options, based on the 2010 AHA Guidelines. 

2. Group discussion and debate regarding the workup of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Is LP still the best test after the dry CT? Should we just move right on to CTA or MRA? Drs. Michael Witting, Ali Farzad, Andy Windsor, and JV Nable review the evidence on each choice. 

3. PE pearls and pitfalls. Dr. Jeff Tabas has a slightly different "take" on using D-dimer and the PERC rule than some other recent speakers. Also, is the use of low molecular weight heparin all a SCAM?! You've got to hear about this! 

Listen, learn, save a life! 

EM-Cast—if you don’t get it, you just don’t get it. 
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