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Wed Sep 5 20:28:33 EDT 2012

The September EMCast is now posted for EMedHome subscribers at https://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_list.cfm 

Three topics this month and some interesting pearls: 
1. Drs. Mike Winters and Victoria Romaniuk discuss upper GI bleeds. Find out the truth about PPI and octreotide in these patients. Why do you need to know about Sengstaken-Blakemore tubes? 

2. Dr. Priya Kuppusamy discusses a silent killer in pregnant patients...acute MI. Have we been missing these?? 
A recent editorial in a cardiology journal indicated that in the UK, CAD is the leading cause of death in pregnancy, accounting for 20% of maternal deaths! You better hear this one! 

3. Dr. Haney Mallemat finishes up the podcasts by reviewing a recent paper on ventilator-associated pneumonia, which is responsible for 50% of ICU infections. But there are simple things we can do, starting in the ED, that can decrease the incidence. Chlorhexidine oral rinses in the ED...really?? Try putting that order into your EMR! 

EMCast....listen...learn...save a life! 
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