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The January 2013 EMCast is now posted at https://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_list.cfm for subscribers. 
And for non-subscribers that want old EMCasts (6mos old + ), you can now access them for free on iTunes! 

Here's what we've got this month: 

1. Discussion of the most important critical care articles of the past 5 years ....with 3 of our CC-EM experts, Drs. Mike Winters, Haney Mallemat, and John Greenwood. What are the most recent answers on fluid management, steroids in sepsis, glucose control, and more! 

2. A review of post-cardiac arrest care as Dr. Ben Lawner reviews an article he co-authored for Journal of Emergency Medicine on the topic. He addresses much more than just hypothermia....cath, seizure prophylaxis, glucose control, airway issues, and much more. 

3. Do you get nervous when a patient is seizing....and that patient is 3 weeks old!? Drs. Joey Scollan and Mimi Lu use their calming voices and take you by the hand to walk you through the management of pediatric and neonatal seizures . 

All this and much more on the January EMCast! 

EMCast....listen...learn...save a life! 

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