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The March 2013 EMCast is now posted at March EMCast now posted: https://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_list.cfm for subscribers. 

And for non-subscribers that want old EMCasts (6mos old + ), you can now access them for free on iTunes! 

Here's what we've got this month: 

1. What do you remember about myasthenic gravis crises ? Do you know how to recognize it? When do you intubate? How can an ice pack help in the diagnosis? Drs. Danya Khojah and Mike Abraham discuss a recent case and provide some awesome, practical pearls for us. 

2. Anaphylaxis has a definition that may surprise you....and if you don't know the definition, you are probably underusing EPI. Drs. Mike Winters and Ellen Lemkin will walk you through what you need to know about anaphylaxis and discuss THE most important drug in managing this condition. 

3. Psychiatric patients are common in the ED. Pitfalls in management of these patients are almost as common. Drs. Mike Abraham and Michael Bond will review a fantastic recent article from J Emerg Med that discusses these not-uncommon pitfalls that often lead to disastrous outcomes. 

All this and much more on the March EMCast! 

EMCast....listen...learn...save a life! 

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