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amalmattu at comcast.net amalmattu at comcast.net
Thu Mar 7 20:26:00 EST 2013

Are you working a shift this coming Sunday (March 10) in the US? Remember that's the day follwowing the change to daylight savings time (DST). If you are working, warm up your ECG machines and get ready! 

A study published this week in Am J Cardiol (Jiddou MR, et al.) indicates that on the Sunday following the DST change, there's a significantly increased risk of STEMI and NSTEMI. Apparently, losing that 1 hour of sleep at 2am is deadly! 

Another bit of trivia--Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that choose NOT to observe DST. They do not move their clocks forward. 
[but does anyone in Hawaii actually keep track of time anyway?] 

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