[Education] May EMCast...Vanilla Ice Style!

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Sun May 5 21:49:32 EDT 2013

The May 2013 edition of the EMCast is now posted at https://www.emedhome.com/cme_emcast_list.cfm 

All right, STOP! Collaborate and listen... 

1. Critical Care Quick i es: Mike Winters gets the party jumpin' as he reviews the highlights of his lecture from the AAEM 2013 conference. He's quick to the point, to the point no fakin', cutting right to the chase with information on vascular access when you can't find any vessels (!), ultrasound in cardiac arrest, and poor-man's BiPAP. If you got a critical care problem, yo he'll solve it! 

2. Antibiotic s t ewardship. (That's fancy-talk for "don't be a chump with antibiotics".) Dr. Jack Perkins is back with a brand new invention: he provides some rational advice about choosing antibiotics wisely in cases of cellulitis and health-care associated pneumonia. You need to be THE BEST at using antibiotics. Anything less than the best is a felony! 

3. Ice Ice Baby! Dr. Semhar Tewelde is back to review a decade of therapeutic hypothermia...how this all started and where we are now. Post-ischemic injury is killin brains like a poisonous mushroom. Learn to rock the ice like a vandal! 

All this and much more on the May EMCast! Check out the hook while EMCast revolves it! 

EMCast....listen...learn...save a life! 

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