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amalmattu at comcast.net amalmattu at comcast.net
Wed Jul 2 08:21:54 EDT 2014

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about a new educational project that we're starting, which will be free open access. I'll be starting to post weekly "Resuscitation Updates" based on recent publications in the literature. These will be brief (goal 5 minutes long) audio files that you can listen to, and the hope is to give everyone some summaries of the recent literature on a weekly basis. We'll focus on high-risk topics. 

The first post focuses on paralysis without sedation: http://resuscitation-conference.com/updates-in-resuscitation-from-amal-mattu/ 

I'll email reminders when these are posted. 

Also, don't forget about the weekly EKG cases: www.ekg.umem.org 

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