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Tue May 13 14:01:50 EDT 2014

1. Check out this week's ECG case of the week: John Doe is back and this time he's seizing! So you do your ABCs: Airway, Breath sounds, Circulation, Disability/D-stick, and EKG ....?? 
How in the world can an EKG help you with a seizure patient? 
Find out here.... www.ekg.umem.org 

2. Don't forget to check out the 2014 UMEM Residency EKG Competition questions at lectures.umem.org/2014ECGCompetition or go to https://umem.org/public_downloads.php?redirect=2014ECGCompetition 

Download the test and challenge yourself. These are all real ED cases... test your own EKG knowledge and skills! 
We'll review the answers at the end of May on the EKG video series. 

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