Kami Windsor, MD

Academic Title:
Clinical Assistant Professor
Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine Physician
Board Certifications:
American Board of Emergency Medicine
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Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Congrats on making one of the best decisions of your medical career -- the decision to become an Emergency Medicine physician! So, what can I say to help you make the SECOND best decision of your medical career (i.e. the decision to come to UMD for residency)?

I guess I'll just tell you how I got here:

I'm originally from the beautiful state of Virginia; I grew up in Williamsburg, went to undergrad in Charlottesville (GO HOOS!), and completed med school at MCV (now known as the VCU School of Medicine). I chose to leave the good Old Dominion and come to University of Maryland for 3 reasons:

1. I was impressed by the tremendous clinical opportunities here: the various combined EM-IM/CC/Peds programs, the rotations through the literally world-renowned Shock Trauma Center, the esteem held for our program amongst other UMD services allowing for great clinical rotations and joint learning, the list goes on.

2. I was inspired by the true dedication to education and higher learning here. There was also a very strong emphasis on learning how to be a person-who-is-a-physician, not just a doctor; the outside life-work balance is important to me, and it's very important here as well.

3. I was excited about working with the people I had met during my interview days. We all know EM docs are awesome in general, but the people here are truly amazing. And after only a few months of knowing them, my fellow residents are the people I want to hang out with on my off days, whether it's catching an O's game (I'm a Skins fan, so we won't talk about the Ravens), hiking around the local boonies, eating a delicious meal (Baltimore has a million great eateries), or spending a night out on the town.

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions or need a place to stay for your interview. Come here, see what I saw, decide for yourself if it's the right fit for you. Good luck with the interview process!

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Critical Care