Zachary Dezman, MD, MS

Academic Title:
Assistant Professor
Administrative Title:
Emergency Medicine Physician
Primary Clinical Site:
University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown
On Medical Staff Since:


University of Maryland -- Research

Academic Activities and Responsibilities

Co-Chair, Research Committee, University of Maryland Midtown Campus

Assistant Director, Informatics, Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Research Interests

My interest in clinical research reaches back to when I was a biomedical engineer, helping children with cerebral palsy learn to walk again. In medical school, I reapplied those analytical skills towards studying risk factors for concussions in collegiate athletes. As a clinical research fellow, I used the resources at the Charles "McC" Mathias National Study Center for Trauma and EMS (NSC) to link large patient databases to discover risk factors for injuries and predict clinical outcomes of injured patients. Now as a practicing emergency physician in inner-city Baltimore, I am continually confronted with patients suffering from issues related to substance abuse. This confluence of substance abuse and injury informs my current research interests.

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