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To use the ultrasound machine

1. Press "Patient" button

2. Click "New Patient"

3. Type in patient MR#, information at the top of the screen

4. Select the type of study on the right hand of the screen

5.  Select your name under "Operator."  It will be your initials.  The password is "1"  This step is necessary to log the study in QPath under your name.  Otherwise it will log the study under whomever's initials are currently there.

6. Click "Register" and then "Exit"

7. Perform your study.  save images/clips.  When you are finished, click "Patient."  This will log the study and send it to QPath


To use QPath

1. Log into Q-path: go to and type in your username (first initial and last name eg: eklotz).   Your password is ABCDE (you will have to change it later)

2.  Familiarize yourself with the home screen.  Once you perform a study, it will show up on the main screen. 

3.  Under "Image" you will be able to fill out the report/interpretation (self explanatory and necessary for both billing and quality assurance).   If you are planning on printing the report (see below), it is necessary to click on the images you wish to include.  This is found at the bottom of the report.  Make sure you choose the larger size for the images (otherwise it is a tiny picture on the report). 

4. If you want a copy for the chart, click "Report" on the main bar and it will generate a PDF that you can print (I recommend throwing patient stickers on them for now). 

A collection of evidence based clinical trials can be found below with embedded quizzes. 


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"Critical Care Documentation and Billing" presentation by Dr. Hammond (click to view)

Long CMS and EM Physician Reimbursement Informational Video

This is a great collection of talks from the 2016 Emergency Cardiology Symposium, presented by University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine

Get Your Chest Pain Evaluations Right

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

Check out this great introduction by Dr. Amal Mattu and the fantastic presentation from Dr. Body.

The "Non-diagnostic" ECG in the "Low Risk" Chest Pain Patient

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

This is a great presentation by Dr. William J Brady from University of Virginia. There is also a presentation by Judd Hollander, MD from Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson. 

ASPECT, ADAPT, Modified-ADAPT and more!

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

Great presentation on heart scoring by Prof Louise Cullen

Six Years of HEART Score

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

Talk on the HEART score by Barbara Backus, MD, PhD


Additionally, there is a presentation by Simon A. Mahler, MD on the HEART Pathway: Identifying Very-Low-Risk Patients for Discharge.

History and risk factors for ECG, Troponin, Stress Testing, and Angiography

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

Great talk by Simon Mahler, MD

Q&A Panel with the Experts from Emergency Cardiology Symposium

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

This is a great roundtable Q&A Panel discussion about Cardiology.

Q&A Roundtable Discussion Part 2

Posted 2016-05-26 by Kevin Hamilton

This is part 2 of the panel discussion