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Title: Tracheal Rapid Ultrasound Exam (T.R.U.E.)

Keywords: ultrasound, tracheal intubation, esophageal intubation, critical care, airway (PubMed Search)

Posted: 8/30/2011 by Haney Mallemat, MD
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  • Multiple methods of confirming endotracheal tube placement exist, however quantitative waveform capnography is the most reliable method. Unfortunately this may not be immediately available at all medical centers.

  • Recent studies demonstrate that bedside ultrasound may assist in the detection of proper endotracheal tube placement.

  • The T.R.U.E. (Tracheal Rapid Ultrasound Exam) was demonstrated to be 99% sensitive, 94% specific, 99% PPV, and 94% NPV during intubation.

  • The basic exam involves placing a high-frequency linear-array probe on the anterior neck above the sternal notch and identifying the trachea and esophagus during intubation.


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