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Category: Critical Care

Title: The CORE Scan

Posted: 12/10/2013 by Mike Winters, MD (Updated: 12/2/2023)
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The Concentrated Overview of Resuscitative Efforts (CORE) Scan

  • Ultrasound has become an essential tool in the evaluation and management of the crashing patient.
  • The CORE scan utilizes emergency bedside ultrasonography to systematically evaluate and resuscitate the rapidly deteriorating patient.
  • Essentially steps in the CORE scan include:
    • Endotracheal tube assessment
    • Lung assessment
      • Pneumothorax?
      • Pleural effusion?
      • Hemothorax?
    • Cardiac assessment
      • Pericardial effusion?
      • Massive PE?
      • Estimated ejection fraction?
    • Aorta assessment
      • Abdominal aortic aneurysm?
      • Aortic dissection?
    • IVC assessment
    • Abdominal assessment
      • Intraperitoneal fluid?


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