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Title: What is cardio-renal syndome?

Keywords: cardiorenal syndrome, heart failure, kidney failure (PubMed Search)

Posted: 3/29/2016 by Feras Khan, MD
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What is cardio-renal syndrome CRS?

  • Covers disorders where acute or long-term dysfunction of one organ can cause acute or long-term dysfunction of the other
  • Worsening renal failure, diuretic resistance in heart failure, and worsening kidney function during heart failure are all characteristic of the disease process

There are 5 types

1. Acute CRS: abrupt worsening of heart function leading to kidney injury

2. Chronic CRS: chronic heart failure leads to progressive kidney disease

3. Acute renocardiac syndrome: abrupt kidney dysfunction leading to acute cardiac disorder

4. Chronic renocardiac syndrome: chronic kidney disease leading to decreased cardiac function

5. Systemic CRS: Systemic condition leading to both heart and kidney disease


Cardiorenal Syndrome in Critical Care: The Acute Cardiorenal and Renocardiac Syndromes