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Category: Neurology

Title: Cerebral Aneurysms

Keywords: cerebral aneurysm, SAH, intracranial bleed (PubMed Search)

Posted: 8/14/2008 by Aisha Liferidge, MD (Updated: 8/11/2020)
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  • Cerebral aneurysms are usually not congenital, but rather often form over days, weeks, or months.  
  • It is hypothesized that the critical size for rupture is smaller for newly formed aneuryms; thus, treat newly discovered aneurysms that were previously radiographically absent more proactively and cautiously.
  • While hypertension and cigarette smoking are not thought to cause aneurysmal rupture, they do contribute to the problem;  Hypertensive smokers are at a 15-fold increased risk of SAH compared to non-hypertensive non-smokers.